Our story

Soul & Lane was born in Seattle, Washington of a desire to share our love and passion for serene and joyful living amid a fast-paced hurried world. Offering décor that is as meaningful as it is functional and beautiful, Soul & Lane curates homespun pieces that can add heart, soul and style to your home. Homes filled with love and memories, keepsakes and collections, warm and inviting rooms.

Soul & Lane is a lifestyle, a passionate purveyor of eclectic farmhouse décor that is more than just cozy, causal and comfortable – it’s also exquisite, unique and chic. From our colorful quilts to our rustic crates and decorative trunks, our thoughtful, country-inspired pieces can be mixed and matched to complement any aesthetic, from vintage and bohemian to minimalist, coastal, contemporary and more.

Whether you like finding one-of-a-kind pieces at farmer’s or flea markets – or you are a DIYer who enjoys making some of your own home décor, at Soul & Lane, you can find inspired and soulful pieces to perfect your dream home.

With Soul & Lane, you can find lovely, inspired pieces that echo the past while amplifying the style, charm and heart of your home. We are pleased to welcome you to our site, and we invite you to browse through our unique farmhouse pieces and country-inspired collections.


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