In this blog, Nicole of @littlehouseon100, tells us the ins and outs of how she decorates her home, and provides advice on creating a stunning space on a budget.

I would describe my style as a blend of rustic chic and modern farmhouse. I don’t think my style necessarily fits into any one “box” - which in my opinion is absolutely fine as long as you are true to yourself. Our homes should be a reflection of us and a collection of pieces that bring us joy. 

I am unapologetically neutral when it comes to my home. The thing I love most about neutral decor is it seamlessly transitions from season to season and small seasonal accents with pops of color are all you need to step up your decor game and give your home a whole new look and feel. I am also a huge budget friendly shopper, so I try to choose accent pieces that can be styled in different rooms and spaces. I love to change up my decor for a fresh new look, but I don’t often have the money to go out and splurge on all new pieces. That’s why I try to choose pieces I know can fit different spaces to help give my home an updated and refreshed feeling without having a big price tag. 

Soul & Lane pieces are perfect for my home for so many reasons. I have two quilts- one for our bedroom and one for our sons room. They are the perfect weight to use all year long and having a pattern on both sides, which means I can easily change the look of the bedroom with just a flip of the quilt. They offer a variety of styles and colors.

I chose two neutral designs and use throw blankets to give the room a pop of color. Throw blankets are one of my favorite budget friendly ways to add color, texture and style to any room. I love that throw blankets can be used not only in the bedroom but can be used decoratively in the living room on the couch or in a basket to add character to the space. 

I also love their variety of crates and baskets, that come in multiple colors, shapes and sizes, and anyone can use no matter what their style.

My set of crates is versatile enough to use in every single room in our home. From holding towels in the bathroom to keeping a collection of snacks on the kitchen counter to creating a vignette in the entryway, the uses for these proves to be both functional and decorative wherever you would choose to use them. No matter your style or budget, you can find the perfect pieces to make your house a home with Soul & Lane. 

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