Since the 17th century, a decorative storage box was a necessity for every well-respected lady. These ancient boxes were used to store precious items and were often decorated with silk, embroidery, and beads. The modern decorative boxes have greatly evolved in their appearance, but still are a trendy element of every household.

Modern decorative boxes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, from chic farmhouse to contemporary. Their main purpose is to enhance and compliment the house décor. However, they also provide functional and convenient storage spaces. Decorative boxes will look amazing in any room and will help to tie the room together. Figure out the interior design of your house and add more style to it with a matching decorative box.

There are endless options of decorative boxes on the market, from the material used to an opening system of the box. You can find decorative storage boxes with lids, that are opened by pulling, sliding, or raising, as well as boxes with clasps, locks, or catches. The material of the boxes may vary from wood, plastic, wicker, and even metal. This type of storage box can become an unexpected central piece of your house, or it can become an ideal addition to your home décor that brings together the concept of your themed interior design.

Decorative storage boxes are extremely versatile and can serve many purposes. For example, a decorative file box is ideal for displaying in the office, or for organizing your documents at home. A decorative file box is a more attractive, portable, and flattering option than a filing cabinet.

Another type of box that can be used is a decorative cardboard box. It is perfect for storing lightweight items and can be easily transferred around the house. Cardboard boxes can also be used as decorative Christmas gift boxes, which are so much more comfortable to use than a wrapping paper. A festive and pretty Christmas gift box will make any present look even more appealing.

What about the items in your house that you want to keep hidden? A great solution would be to get a decorative book box. These boxes look like real books that can be discreetly stored among your other books. You can keep your valuable artifacts or treasured items out-of-sight, yet have a unique decoration that blends with your home décor.

Decorative photo boxes come in handy when you want to store items such as photos, letters, and cards. This type of box will safely protect your cherished memories and moments while keeping them organized. There are also decorative boxes for kids that are used for storing toys and crafts. These boxes will keep your child’s room organized and free of clutter.

A decorative box can be used to store your keys and other items that tend to get lost. Just place a box that matches the style of your house close to the door. A decorative storage box can also be placed in the bathroom to keep toiletries and tissues organized. A box in the kitchen can hold your recipe cards, herbs, or napkins. There is no limit to the items that can be stored in a decorative box. It’s all about finding the right box that will enhance and add to your style and home decor.

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