Back in colonial times, quilts came from any fabrics saved around the household. It was usual for people to save scraps of fabric and textiles. Imported fabrics were too expensive for most families to make quilts with. When new bedding was needed, they would create patterns from these textiles to create quilts for anyone who needed bedding. Over time, quilts turned into traditional gifts for people who got married, had a new baby, or graduated and are leaving home.

Today, there are still places that use quilts for their more traditional uses, but they’re also seen as more than bedding. They’ve become an art form. Quilters all over the world participate in competitions in Europe, Japan, United States, and other parts of the world.

What is a Quilt?

In modern times, a quilt is a type of bedding with three layers: top, inner batting, and bottom. The artistic quilt comes from the top layer of quilts. The top layers of quilts are pieces of various fabrics stitched together to an art form.

The middle part, or the inner batting, is the part that makes quilts warm. Usually, quilts have a thin layer of wool, goose down, or cotton blend inside to keep the user warm at night.

The bottom fabric is one fabric to put all the layers together to make the quilt.

In modern times, the top layer of quilts doesn’t always have the elaborate art you’d see in traditional quilts. Some of the more manufactured quilts are one color instead of a pattern. However, those that like a country-style to their decorating like to have traditional quilts in their household for both decoration and extra bedding for their guests.

Not all quilts turned into the bedding. Some transformed into wall hangings and table covers. It usually depended on the size of the quilt made why the quilt was given to someone.

Quilt Uses

In colonial times, quilts were not only used as bedding but as gifts for different milestones in life. These milestones could be birth, weddings, graduations, and family members leaving home. Today, quilts are used for other reasons besides the ones listed above.

  • Bedding
  • Decoration
  • Armor
  • Commemoration
  • Education
  • Campaigning
  • History
  • Art
  • Gifts
  • Fundraising

Quilts evolved into a versatile object. Quilt enthusiasts often go to quilt shows and competitions to see the different designs on a quilt. The AIDS memorial quilt was created to remember all those that have died from the disease. Interior decorators love an excellent quilt design for a more rustic look to a home.


Quilting is one of the oldest art forms in America, and it’s a popular form of art today. With a variety of colors and patterns, they are great for any room in your house and a perfect gift for loved ones in your life.

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