We asked Julia of Greene Acres Farmhouse @greeneacresfarmhouse to reveal to us how she decorated her bright and breezy home, and the in-and-outs of styling a beautiful farmhouse that effortlessly blends past and present.

My family and I just completed construction of our forever farmhouse in Alabama.  Moving into the house was such relief until I realized that we had to decorate it.  As a “work” at home mom of two, that is not always an easy task.  Between my 6-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, the house is always full of activity and sometimes even chaos. As you can expect, momma needs some comfort in her life - and that, my friends, comes in the form of décor.

I started working with décor years ago. I love reclaiming items and bringing them back to life as much as I love taking a styling idea I have in my mind and making it a reality. We've handcrafted products of all different styles up until now because my style changes as much as I change diapers. 

Being in the new house has really allowed me to pinpoint my style and focus on creating the type of home I love: a modern farmhouse with vintage flair. The products from Soul & Lane had made it so easy to decorate our new home to that style. I ordered a wooden trunk, the vintage tray, wood crate with tins, and a very, very comfy quilt to decorate my home.

After a long day of wrestling kids and arranging and rearranging décor for that day, nothing is better than getting to walk into my master bedroom and being graced by the elegance of the floral stitched white quilt and shams. 

It is such a brilliant color of white that sets the background for the entire room. It is as beautiful to look at as it is to sleep under.  The quilt is so soft and durable at the same time.  It will defiantly stand up to the random jumping parties of my children. You can check it out here.

I absolutely love the wooden trunk chest because of the versatile use of it.  From storage to décor for the built-ins, the trunk adds that vintage flair I adore. I love how it turned out holding my husband’s 48-star flag. The vintage straps remind me of an old money box on the back of buggies. 

The vintage tray is the perfect size for just about every table in the house. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship of the product outperforms anything I could ever do as a DIY’er. Even though the tray is super light in weight, it is able to hold some pretty heavy items like potted succulents and candles. 

The wood crate with the tins is the cutest thing ever. I am able to use it as a piece for the built-in but I can’t help but take the idea from Soul & Lane and use it on a potting table with it full of succulents. I love the idea of placing plants in it to give that lovely pop of color. 



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